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Distinguishing features - lawyer Wrocław

I have been practising as an attorney-at-law since 2007, while in the years 2004-2007 I was a legal trainee of the Bar Association in Wałbrzych, pursuing my legal traineeship under the supervision of Tadeusz Piskorz-Deneszewski, Attorney-at-Law, and Anna Piskorz-Deneszewska, Attorney-at-Law. I hold degrees in law from two Universities: of Regensburg (Universität Regensburg, Germany), and of Wrocław.

Currently, I am a managing partner with Studziński i Partnerzy Adwokacka Spółka Partnerska Law Firm in Wrocław. You will find more details about the types of cases that I handle HERE.

Since 2003, I have been a member of the Bar Association in Wałbrzych, and since 2010, I have joined its governing bodies as a member of the District Bar Council in Wałbrzych (read more). I am the Deputy Chairman of the Continuing Education Commission and Deputy Head of the Training Programme for Legal Trainees, as well as a lecturer for the Bar Association’s trainees (I teach courses in law and civil procedure, business law, EU law).

As a lawyer entered in the lists of German-speaking lawyers of the Consulate General of Germany in Wrocław and the Trade Department of the Embassy of Austria, I have experience in providing legal assistance in German (drafting and verification of contracts and agreements; representation towards third parties; representation in court, etc.). I also have experience in providing legal assistance in English as a participant of the Business Service Provider programme put in place by the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw. I am also entered in the list of English-speaking lawyers of the U.S. Consulate General in Krakow.

As part of my professional practice, I have also prepared expert opinions relating to the Polish law for the purposes of proceedings taking place in the United Kingdom or the Republic of South Africa. These expert opinions were then admitted as evidence in court proceedings.

The mission of my team is to provide comprehensive legal assistance in multiple areas of law using state-of-the-art technology. My team attaches great importance to due diligence in negotiations using advanced word processing and spreadsheet functionalities, as well as the screen sharing function so that all participants in the negotiations are kept fully abreast of any changes made to an agreement or contract. I also have experience in court litigation and arbitration in many areas of law.

In 2015, as a World Bank expert, I co-authored a report on transport policy relating to foodstuffs.

Since the very beginning of my professional career I have also been providing assistance to individuals in many areas of law, where my experience gained while working for companies and institutional clients has come in handy on multiple occasions. I have experience in the following:

  • providing opinions on contracts and agreements to individuals (real property purchase agreements, developer agreements, lease agreements, and many others)
  • recovering claims (e.g. under loan agreements)
  • representing clients before court enforcement officers
  • supporting buyers of apartments in a situation where the developer does not want to, or cannot, finish the investment project
  • landlord/tenant law (e.g. disputes with municipal offices regarding council properties; eviction cases/claims for the payment of outstanding rent; disputes with housing communities)
  • court cases relating to the inheritance law (e.g. confirmation of the acquisition of inheritance; reserved portion of the estate; division of inheritance)
  • family law (especially in respect of cross-border divorce or divorce involving mentally-ill spouses)
  • including also cases relating to the division of joint property upon termination of marriage (with particular emphasis on settlements relating to business activities of former spouses)
  • disputes with employers relating to the termination of employment
  • claims for compensation and redress in respect of traffic accidents or medical malpractice
  • certain aspects of criminal law (criminal business law; determining the current status of criminal proceedings in Poland)
  • confirmation of Polish citizenship and searching for documents in state and church archives

Attorney-at-law Wrocław

I have experience providing services to and working with large companies, e.g.:

  • providing services to the group companies of one of the corporations listed among top 100 companies in the world by Forbes and Fortune,
  • providing services to large construction companies and multi-million investment projects,
  • co-operating and liasing with numerous investment funds,
  • co-operating with international real estate agents,
  • experience in providing direct services to foreign companies using English and German language skills.


Fluent command of German and English, as well as advanced Italian language skills, are extremely useful in my everyday work.

Since I have completed legal studies in Germany (I hold the German Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree issued by the Universitaet Regensburg), and have a Certificate of Proficiency in English issued by the University of Cambridge, foreign clients form a significant portion of my client base.

My strong points include the following:

  • university degrees from the University of Wrocław (Poland) and Universitaet Regensburg (Germany),
  • certificates of fluency in German,
  • certificates of fluency in English (including the Certificate of Proficiency in English),
  • long-term experience working with individuals and companies from all over the world,
  • litigation experience handling cases involving foreigners,
  • drafting and providing opinions on contracts directly in English and German,
  • fluent command of German and English, whereby you will have a direct access to your lawyer rather than just their staff,
  • team of experienced associates (trainees and attorneys-at-law), who speak foreign languages,
  • attempts made to save my foreign clients from having to make frequent trips to Poland by offering legal assistance online, by telephone, videoconferencing or screen sharing,
  • provision of reliable assistance with choosing the jurisdiction in which to lodge your case (e.g. when it is possible to file for divorce both in your home country and in Poland),
  • ability to travel to see my clients in Europe or the U.S. in a situation where the client does not wish to or cannot come to Poland and it is necessary or desirable to meet me in person.

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About me

Currently, I am a partner with Studziński i Partnerzy Adwokacka Spółka Partnerska Law Firm in Wrocław. Our Law Firm has two offices: in Kłodzko and in Wrocław. You will find more details about the types of cases that I handle HERE.

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