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Legal assistance for individuals living in Poland

I handle various claim recovery cases, including, e.g. claims for the repayment of loans, for the reserved portion of the estate, for compensation for the use of real property. Please see the descriptions of the various areas of law for more details.
I also offer legal assistance with respect to the recovery of claims awarded by judgments of both Polish and foreign courts.

Civil cases

I offer support in many areas of law:

Real estate

  • providing opinions on developer agreements, lease agreements, real estate purchase agreements (including preliminary agreements),
  • disputes with tenants (eviction disputes; claims for the payment of outstanding rent),
  • disputes regarding council properties, e.g. when the municipal office refuses to sign a tenancy agreement with respect to the flat wherein you have lived. I also handle cases relating to the succession of tenancy,
  • cases regarding the abolition of joint ownership and division for use in respect of real properties (including inheritance division and division of property following a divorce),
  • claims relating to property expropriated in Communist Poland: I have experience handling cases for the restitution of illegally expropriated property or payment of compensation for its illegal use or destruction


Family matters

I offer support in various family matters, including:

  • providing opinions on developer agreements, lease agreements, real estate purchase agreements (including preliminary agreements),
  • child abduction cases – I have experience handling child abduction cases, in which I offer representation both to individuals requesting that the child be returned and to those who have brought the child to Poland. Child abduction cases are of a very complex and highly specific nature, they often entail the involvement of a public prosecutor in Poland, and are quickly accompanied by other proceedings. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right strategy as early in the case as possible to ensure maximum protection of child’s interests,
  • parental authority and child maintenance cases,
  • property division cases – these are currently one of the most complex cases wherein it is necessary to continuously refer to the up-to-date case law. The fair settlement of joint property following a divorce, taking account of expenditures, loans or business activities conducted by the spouses, is undoubtedly a procedure that calls for legal assistance.


Insurance disputes

I have experience handling disputes with insurers over low compensation, payment of compensation for traffic accidents, damage to property, etc. I also have experience with respect to disputes relating to the so-called underinsurance.

Providing opinions on contracts and agreements

Providing opinions on contracts and agreements and offering support in negotiations is one of the key services that I offer. As part of my professional practice, I have dealt with contracts and agreements relating to numerous areas of law, e.g.:

  • developer agreements
  • lease agreements
  • construction contracts


The mission of my team is to provide comprehensive legal assistance in multiple areas of law using state-of-the-art technology. My team attaches great importance to due diligence in negotiations using advanced word processing and spreadsheet functionalities, as well as the screen sharing function so that all participants in the negotiations are kept fully abreast of any changes made to an agreement or contract.
Please see some of the more or less typical cases handled by my team.

Examples of cases where I can offer my assistance:


  • child abduction from Germany,
  • cases regarding a reserved portion of the estate handled on behalf of a child of a person who died in Poland,
  • cases for the restitution of real property expropriated in Communist Poland and payment of compensation for its use or destruction,
  • criminal defence services provided to individuals who live abroad but are aware that criminal proceedings are pending against them in Poland,
  • representation of a person living abroad whose parent may have been a Polish citizen,
  • representation of lenders in loan repayment cases,
  • representation in cases relating to the succession of tenancy with respect to a council property,
  • eviction disputes and claims for the payment of rent against the tenant,
  • disputes relating to the payment of remuneration for the carriage of goods,
  • confirmation of the acquisition of inheritance by a child born abroad in a situation where one of the child’s parents was Polish (also if the parent dies before the child is born).


Attorney at law Wrocław

Attorney at law Wrocław

Attorney at law Wrocław

Attorney at law Wrocław

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About me

Currently, I am a partner with Studziński i Partnerzy Adwokacka Spółka Partnerska Law Firm in Wrocław. Our Law Firm has two offices: in Kłodzko and in Wrocław. You will find more details about the types of cases that I handle HERE.

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