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Representation in court

My team offers support with respect to legal representation in court or arbitration proceedings in Poland in many areas of law (civil law, criminal law, business law and family law). You can learn more about the types of cases that I handle się here.
I encourage you to contact me to find out whether I will be able to handle your case, especially if you have any doubts as to whether or not your case falls within the scope of my practice. For the list of courts in which I handle cases, see here.

Representation before authorities

I have experience in providing support to entrepreneurs and representing them before the Energy Regulatory Authority (wind farms, concessions for the marketing of fuels, disputes relating to the conditions of network connection), Office of Electronic Communications, Railway Transport Authority, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.
I also represent my clients in various cases before municipal and communal authorities.

Third-party representation

I offer support with respect to representing my clients towards third parties in a whole range of cases.
This refers, for instance, to:

  • representing clients with respect to future contractors (support in negotiating contracts),
  • representing clients with respect to existing contractors (renegotiation of contracts, resolution of disputes),
  • representing clients with respect to other parties, e.g. former shareholders, partners, spouses, etc.,
  • representing clients with respect to entities of the same group of companies (e.g. towards subsidiaries).
Please see the scope of my services for more details.

Representation towards foreign entities

Owing to my fluent command of German and English, I can also offer co-ordination of co-operation with foreign lawyers in the event that you are forced to bring an action before a foreign court, or if you are sued before such court.
When you engage in a litigation that involves foreign entities, it is always worthwhile to check whether it is possible or advisable to sue them in Poland. If, on the other hand, you are being sued, it should also be verified, first of all, whether you can be sued before a foreign court.

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About me

Currently, I am a partner with Studziński i Partnerzy Adwokacka Spółka Partnerska Law Firm in Wrocław. Our Law Firm has two offices: in Kłodzko and in Wrocław. You will find more details about the types of cases that I handle HERE.

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